5 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer

Oct 28, 2018

Weddings aren’t cheap. You find the person that lights your soul up, and you want to tie the knot in the most incredibly beautiful and meaningful way, but it adds up quickly.

You begin to wonder how to compromise between perfection and what you can live without, and more often than not, hiring a wedding videographer becomes part of the debate. Is it really worth it, or is it just an unnecessary luxury when you have a photographer anyway?

Well, one could argue there is some bias here, but we are here to give you a few solid reasons why you don’t just want a videographer, but why you NEED one.



There are moments that are so special during a wedding, photographs alone can’t capture them. Your photographer can capture you wiping a tear from your face as you exchange vows, but your videographer will capture the emotion behind the words being spoken so you can relive that memory over and over for years to come. You’ll be able to witness and remember just how beautiful those sentiments were and how much they meant to you then, just as they do 20 years later.


You can’t see everything, so see even more through another lens and the way your loved ones experienced your big day. Maybe you only caught the tail end of the flower girl dancing with the ring bearer as you were visiting with guests and how stinking adorable they looked. And you would have paid good money to see Grandma’s reaction as your new spouse removed your garter with his teeth, as your maid of honor describes it with tears of laughter running down her face the next day.


We live in the social media era. While there are both pros and cons to sharing everything in our daily lives, giving those who weren’t able to make it the opportunity to be there from a distance will mean so much to so many. For everyone that was there, you have yet another way to relive the day with them whenever you want. The beauty of this moving art is that you can watch the video numerous times and still catch a small detail you hadn’t seen.


When you hire an artist, such as a videographer, they have a way of capturing everything from every angle in a way that captivates just how beautiful and fun your wedding day was and allows for your personality and those of your guests shine through. From the small details of the dress, rings, and centerpieces, to the happy tears, contagious laughter, and the love shared between your family and friends gathered in one place to celebrate the love of you and your beloved as you begin your life together.


You have one shot to get this day “right”. You’ve done the planning of every. single. detail. thus far, so you know what we mean when we say there is no room for error. (Is our ‘bridezilla’ showing?) Show off your planning, the thoughtful details, the awe of your soon-to-be husband as he sees you walking down the aisle. This is the biggest day of your life. Your day. Capture every moment of it so it will live on forever.


A videographer isn’t a “luxury expense” to be overlooked. Spending much of your life searching for the one that makes your heart overflow, finding them, and investing so much time planning the perfect wedding to even attempt to evoke what this man means to you, every moment, every smile, every tear counts. You’ve imagined this day since you were a little girl, and now, here you are looking and feeling more beauty and love than you’ve ever felt in a single day. Time passes, memories fade, but having the ability to relive your wedding day is priceless.



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